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"De l'inspiration, de la mosaïque, de l'Art"

Tableaux mosaïque "Les sphères célestes" créés par Aurélie  Martignac, région Toulousaine (2021) - Inspiration entre Ciel et Terre.


The paving of black and white tiles orcheckerboardhere represents theDUALITY. The black and the white which are in opposition, form aEVERYTHINGcomplete: an element is highlighted by its opposition. Thus the checkerboard reminds us that everything that exists is necessary to give life to its opposite: death/birth, feminine/masculine, shadow/light, sadness/joy, fear/love… Balance, just like the two facets of the same room. It evokes the symbol of reconciled duality.

The succession of perfect squares forms aordered global geometry. Each white square is highlighted by each black square and vice versa. Then, gradually, squares of colors are interspersed, turning, playing while lightening the rhythms: optical illusion, “shifted” symmetry.

Due to its composition, the checkerboard represents here: the World, the Earth. Its square shape symbolizes a structured base evolving towards an opening, aPASSAGEto another state, a new dimension. In the center, “the window” reveals aCELESTIAL SPHEREcracked glass: POLARIS, SPICA, ALATAÏR, EPSILON. We come out of the human duality (checkerboard/Earth) to perceive the celestial vault (half-sphere/opening of consciousness, Sky).


This series evoking the cohesionEarth/Skyis an invitation to go beyond any human duality, to make our contrasts an asset, a strength and to connect to this higher and radiant celestial dimension that offers usthe Universe.

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