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"Creation is above all, an encounter with oneself".Aurelie M.

INTUITIVE MOSAIC: "When I create a mosaic table, some areas are predefined by aACCURATE GRAPHICS and other areas are totallyFREE. I let my creativity free itself and my creations are the result of a present moment of"PURE CREATION"."

"Everything is movement, time does not matter, only the moment is open to continuity."Aurelie M.

tableau art mosaique pierres
merkaba mosaique inspiration
spirale art mosaique
ô mosaïc design, Passe-temps 2, tableau création mosaïque, mosaïc frame, Toulouse, France

"HOBBY II"(2014) 40cm x 70cm -Ordered-NOT AVAILABLE


ô mosaïc design, Memory, tableau création mosaïque, émaux de Briare, éclats de miroirs, Toulouse, France

"MEMORY" (2014) 45 cm x 45 cm -AVAILABLE  

ô mosaïc design, Cosmos, tableau création mosaïque, mosaïc frame, emaux de Briare, Toulouse, France

"COSMOS" (2014) 42 cm x 64 cm -  Matt & shiny Briare enamels, earthenware, black glass, mirror, enamelled terracotta


Tableau ORIGINES (2014) 60 x 80 cm - Aurélie MARTIGNAC.jpg

"ORIGINS" (2014) 60cm x 80cm - Briare enamels, antique sandstone, black glass, shards of mirror, ceramic and enamelled terracotta -AVAILABLE

This work is an invitation to dive deep into ourselves et  to recognize who we really are: being human through hisORIGINS, its DNA, in constant evolution. TheDUALITYof our consciousness, our parts of light and shadow are represented by the opposition of materials, brilliant black enamels and mats in contrast with the colored tesserae. 

The artistic approach is to use contrasts ofBLACKand ofMATERIALS in order to intensify and sublimate theCOLOR. It is a plastic researchINTUITIVEstarting from a well-defined geometry(Penrose tiling)to a creationFREEon the present moment.  We find symbols such as the spiral, natural movement of Life, creative source and segments of DNA: symbols that represent all human complexity. It is a picture full of mysteries, a tribute to theLIFE.

"ORIGINS" creation details:


"Your vision becomes clear when you can look into your heart. He who looks outside is only dreaming, he who looks within is awakening."

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Le jardin d'éveil, mosaïque, Aurélie Martignac, Toulouse

"THE AWAKENING GARDEN" (2016) - 60cm x 80cm 

Briare enamels, antique sandstone, mirrors, fine stones: Onyx (India), Olivine (India), slice of Agathe (South America), enamelled terracotta -AVAILABLE

More than 450 hours of creation.

le jardin d'éveil, tableau mosaïque, Toulouse, Aurélie Martignac, Merkaba
Le jardin d'éveil, tableau mosaïque, Toulouse, Aurélie Martignac, France
le jardin d'éveil, tableau mosaïque, Aurélie Martignac, Toulouse, spirale
Mosaïque Toulouse, ÔmosaïcDesign, Aurélie Martignac, Oncopole, salon de coiffure

What if Man chose to awaken his conscience? What would this garden be, this inner journey through which he would be at peace? 

Mosaïque Toulouse ÔmosaicDesign, Aurélie Martignac

Exhibition at the hair salon

BSC Beauty Hair Health,

Oncôpole in TOULOUSE.

ô mosaïc design, Aurélie MARTIGNAC, Passe-temps, tableau création mosaïque, émaux de briare, mosaïc frame, Toulouse, France

"HOBBY"(2014) 30cm x 30cm -  





échantilon mosaïque, ô mosaïs design, matériaux, émaux de Briare

Materials used for "HOBBY"and"HOBBY II":  Matt & shiny Briare enamels, BLACK glass, mirror chips and enamelled terracotta.

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