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SEA 35x80.jpg

"SEA" (35cm x 80cm) - 2015 -  CREATION SOLD


Mixed media painting, acrylic paint & mosaic, evoking the movements of water, of the depths, revealing an octopus.

BLACK glass, Briare enamels, mirror, porcelain stoneware, glass beads, Agathe slices.


"AQUARIUM" (35cm x 80cm) - 2017 - AVAILABLE

A mixture of abstraction and realism, the artist plunges us into an atmosphere of aquatic depths... Are we simply facing an "aquarium"? Let us be guided in this marine universe, fluid and relaxing where a mysterious fish catches our eye...
MOSAIC composed of matte and shiny Briare enamels, black glass, cracked glass, enamelled terracotta, fine stones: malachites, glass beads and mirror on a BLUE TURQUOISE paint background.

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