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Om,  mosaïque Toulouse, émaux de Briare, Aurélie Martignac

                                          "From inspiration to the matter...

                         ...My desire to expose the inner being though MOSAÏC."

After 10 years past in the interior design sector , Aurélie MARTIGNAC decides to devote herself exclusively to the ARTISTIC CREATIONS OF MOSAICS.

Leaving markers, inks and brushes for this millennium Art becoming today her means of expression.














Everything happened during a trip in Tunisia in 2006. The evidence came to her filling with admiration for the immense mosaïcs of Bardo Museum. Pure attraction, they were a revelation : "a moment that met all my inner being and resonating in me".

                                                  "The mosaic remains an eternal artistic expression."




Paintings on canvas, acrylic and brilliant paint, 2006, created and inspired by mosaïcs after Tunisa's travel.
















After many years of Art and Architecture of interior's studies, she furthered her technical and artistic skills by specializing her as a MOSAÏC ARTIST , vocation training at the Atelier de la Ronde des Tesselles, 2013-2014.






Her mosaics are the result of an experimental journey through which she explores  the wealth of material . She pays great importance to the ESSENCE  of each stone, its SHAPE  and its NATURAL VIBRATION. 
Sensitive to the subtleties of feelings : materials, optical mixtures, rhythms, light, she wants to reveal to the viewer,

how the UNION  fragments of materials called "tesserae" can create visual and sensory balance. Composed of many facets, the MOSAIC is the image of the HUMAN BEING .

Her creations reflect inner parts of ourselves, a vision through the prism of duality :  male / female, dark / light, sometimes unexplored inner resources.They are the expression of the creative illusion of duality, the subtle interplay between opposites that actually form a perfect UNIT.

Through the mosaic, it gathers fragments of materials that reveal us a path to Self.

Fascinated by the color intensity, she revisits this ancient art  by playing with contrasts BLACK MATS and BLACK BRILLIANTS that sublimate color. No realism, no landscape. Her world is that of imagination .

An abstract imagination where geometric shapes mingle, contrast, motion effects given by the LIGHT.  

The INDIAN CULTURE , EASTERN  and ASIAN are her sources of inspiration, giving her the opportunity to discuss unsuspected riches and varied, both in terms of color, architecture, human identity and the creation of environnementale.Fascinated by LIFE  and NATURE, the connection between the human being and the mystic are, for her, a deep source of creativity which converge both mathematics and philosophy of life.


  "I expose everything VIBRATING inside myself from the world. My emotions, my dreams, my visions, my images and impressions received by my inner being though travels and life experiences."


Beyond the technique, she experiments without limits, searching multiple channels of creation with the aim of opening the individual to new sensory paths.

Her work is also inspired by many different styles of great artists such as : Pierre SOULAGESJean DUBUFFET,  




Her creations are unique pieces of Art, artistic frames but also  decorative murals mosaïcs, creations for her customers, customized unique orders. She also incorporates gemstones from INDIA : Onyx, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Crystal Rocks, chrysoprases, Malachite, Indian Rupees ... she selects its by herself.

She cuts the tesseraes with a clip wheels : Briare enamels matt & gloss, antique stoneware, terracotta enamelled, mirrors. She also uses various materials such as colored glass, ceramic or earthenware.

The result of the UNION of different materials is paramount. She gives a particular interest in creating differences of thicknesses and levels for that she makes a live work to observe rendering.

We find in her compositions, the bases of sacred geometry : the SPIRAL (natural movement of life, creative source) DNA segments, geometric figures such as  FLOORS OF PENROSE  and SACRED SYMBOLS  (AUM, Life flowers. ..), dimensions based on the FIBONACCI  SEQUENCE and GOLDEN RATIO NUMBERS to create HARMONY and 

RESONNANCE, unique to each.

Finally, other areas are totally FREE : intuitive creativity is released and her creations are the result of a moment of "PURE CREATION".




"I create to be in the process of creation, this spacetime where I experiment, I collect  scattered  

                 fragments of matter, always being in a perpetual research of plastic and a sensory approach."


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Pierres semi-précieuses, Inde, turquoises, Onyx, malachites, améthystes, mosaïque
Mosaic creation, in progress, Aurelie Martignac, Omosaicdesign
Croquis cuisine aménagée, perspective 3D, Aurélie Martignac, artiste, Toulouse
peinture sur toile, cité lointaine, artiste, Toulouse, Aurélie Martignac
Peinture sur toile, Aurélie Martignac, Toulouse, Artiste, Violet, acrylique
Peinture sur toile, Racines, acryliqie, Aurélie Martignac, artiste Toulouse
galaxy, peinture acrylique sur toile, Aurélie Martignac, artiste, Toulouse
peinture sur toile, acrylique, Aurélie Martignac, artiste, Toulouse